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This Weeks Events

14thApril – 20th April

Monday 14th            Social play all day

Tuesday 15th               Vets  - Single Stableford ( social play available all day) 

Wednesday  16th         Single Stableford ( social play available )

Thursday  17th-            Social play available all day .

Friday  18th    ( GOOD FRIDAY )     Social play all day

Saturday  19th        Single Stableford  – LIMITED SOCIAL PLAY  ( 9 holes only tee off between 8 & 9 and after 3:30 )

Sunday 20th April       Social Play all Day

Monday 21st April        Social Play All Day.




The teams have been finalised for B & C Grade Pennants.  We are still looking for one player for B Grade. The team so far is Alex Carson, Jack Drefke, Bob Stafford, Stuart McMillan, Steve Kelly, Ken Muckan, Shaun Lake.  C Grade Ken Wolfenden, Bill Davies, Michael Hurley, John O’Neil, Snow Harper, Warren Whitfield, Angus Young, Andy Davison.  The two teams will travel to Home Hill on the 26th & 27th of April.  The B division will compete against  Pioneer Valley, Rowes Bay and Lavarack in Div 3.  C Grade will also compete in Div 3  against Pioneer Valley, Ayr and Magnetic Island.



The draw for club championship games are:
A grade Matt Chapman vs , Shawn Johansen : Michael Dunn  vs  , Neil Breuer;   Adam Medcalf vs Russell Gardner   &  Phil Davies vs  Sean O’Gorman.
B Grade: Brett Martin  vs   Stuart McMillan; Ken Lewin  vs David Patch, Steve Kelly  vs    Eddie Ramsamy and Colin Dunn vs Wayne Jensen
C Grade: John Coll  vs  Michael Jorgensen,  Rob Duerlli  vs Kevin Powell, Bob Stafford  vs   Race Ford, and   John Rutland vs  Alex Carson
D Grade champion of the world : Mel Taylor  vs  , Justin English,  John Keleher  vs  ,Warren  Whitfield,  Dan Wix vs , Phil Guimelli and Bill Davies vs  Snow Harper
If anyone in the draw is unable to play by the dates below, please let me know ASAP.
The first round needs to be played by the 7th of June, 2nd round by the 12th July and the final by the 23rd of August.


Tuesday 22nd – Vets monthly medal

B & C Grade Pennants  – Home Hill  – 26th – 27th April

Holden Scramble – 17th May  ( nomination for this event is on a time sheet at the club house not via the web site. )


Lavarack Mens Open – April 12th & 13th  ( 36 Holes)

B & C Grade Pennants – Home Hill  April 26th & 27th.


POINTS  for NQ Events.

Magnetic Island Open is on the 8th & 9th of March and Lavarack  is on 12th & 13th of April.

With all NQ events there are points allocated to winners from all grades if you are registered for the points.  You will just have to pay your $10 to a NQ rep at your first open and all points are then worked out.  As well as receiving points for placing you will also receive points for travel.   You will receive 1 point for every 100 km travelled.  To try and promote players to travel to opens, especially the smaller clubs.  So if you travel to Magnetic island from Mackay that will be 8 points ( thats 4 points for the 400 km to and 4 points for the 400 km back ) on top of any points if you place in the event.  Below is a chart that shows the points allocated for places for different NQ events.   Nomination for Magnetic Island or Lavarack are available here at the club or on the NQ website.

Points          ( G A handicaps will be used to determine your grade )

$10 Entry Fee

Grades:                A Grade               0 – 6

                                A1 Grade             7 – 11

                                B Grade                                12 – 19

                                C Grade                                20 -  36


Placings Points One Day Opens Points 2 Day Opens Points NQ Open
1 20 30 50
2 18 27 45
3 16 24 40
4 14 21 35
5 12 18 30
6 10 15 25
7 9 14 24
8 8 13 23
9 7 12 22
10 6 11 21
11 5 10 20
12 4 9 19
13 3 8 18
14 2 7 17
15 1 6 16
    5 15
    4 14
    3 13
    2 12
    1 11




Course Update

Monday 21/4/14

Opening Time    6:00am
Current Competition    No Competition
Course    OPEN
Driving Range    OPEN
Carts    YES.
Social Play   ALL DAY
Closing Time   6:00 pm

TRADING HOURS  ( Golf Course & Driving Range )

Monday  8:00 – 5:30                           Friday 7:00 – 7:00

Tuesday   7:00 -  4:00                          Saturday 6:00 – 8:00

Wednesday 7:00 – 7:00                     Sunday – 6:30 – 6:00

Thursday 8:00 – 5 :30


This is a step  by step instructions on how to book in for a competition.To the left you will see the One Golf  logo, click on that.Your username is  the last four digits of your golf link number, ( not using the 00)  Eg if your number is 4092200013 your username is 13.Your password is the first four digits of your date of birth. Eg. if your DOB is  9th April your password is 0904.  If that doesn’t work it means   I did not have your date of birth so your username will be 0101. If neither of those work phone the club, I have probably put in  an incorrect DOB.Your will then get a box up to tell you to change your password, so do that using 0101 as your old password.Once you are in the site go  into  “My Details “and  update any details that are incorrect or add, DOB, email address etc.To book into a competition click on   bookings in the red box on top .  You are then at the  events page.  Click on Nov ( 2013) and all the events for Nov will come up.Anything that is open you can book in for.    Click on open, and the timesheet will come up.Click on the box with your preferred time on it.   You will come to the timesheet with your name already on that time.If you don’t want to add any other names just confirm that time and that’s it.  You can then go into another competition if you want and do the same.If you want to add other players to your group, go into the time you require and  go to the search section, in one of the boxes put in the person you want to play with.  Just start typing there name and a list will come up and pick the player from that list.  you can add another  3 players to your group.  Once you have the name, click on the small boxes next to each name then click confirm.  All players are now in that time slot with you.You will notice a small x  under each name.  That allows you to delete the name if you wish.  Any of the other players can also delete there own name only in that group.So get on there give it a try and let me know if you have any problems and I can go through it with you here.







There is a special on the DRIVING RANGE for members and non members!

Every time you buy a bucket of range balls you pay $1 less each time.
Once you have purchased 10 buckets, you pay HALF PRICE for your buckets of range balls FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE YEAR!

Quick Facts

Dress Code: Closed in shoes. No singlets
Competitions: Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday  ( limited social play available Saturday )
Motorized Carts Yes
Club & Trolley Hire Yes
Length (18 holes) 5778mts
Par 70
Holes 9
Water Hazards Yes
Bunkers Yes
Practice Putting Green Yes
Licensed Clubhouse Yes  ( NO B.Y.O.)
Light Food Yes
Aqua Driving Range Open 7 days from 7am
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