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This is some information regarding your handicap from One Golf, if you register for a competition, and decide not to scan your card, or forget to scan your card. A “No Score  not Approved” is what is recorded on your handicap record if your card is not scanned
Provisional H’cap status Notice:
By default, if a golfer has five or more “no score not approved” entries in their last 20 rounds, their h’c…ap status will be now set as Provisional by GolfLink. This can not be amended within the MiClub system. We will show a red “P” in the players booking cell on the admin tee sheet to identify them. Members will not see this on their tee sheets.
This will mean by default in the MiClub comp mgmt system that we won’t rank the player in the competition leaderboard so that they are not eligible to win a prize though The players score entered will still be loaded for handicapping purposes automatically.
It is a decision of the club that they can overturn this and allow provisional players to be ranked and therefore eligible to win prizes. If this is so; please advise MiClub and we’ll change a property to allow for this. email support@miclub.com.au
Additional info (MiClub have decided that any special prizes will still be applied to Provisional players such as a Hole IN One or Eagle.) If this is not wanted, you can manually remove the special prize for the provisional player from the prize allocation area.So think twice before you decide not to scan your card for whatever reason. You could lose your competition rights.

Information on the club house renovations are below.



This Weeks Events

12th Sept – 21st September

Friday  12th            Social Play All day

Saturday 13th            LADIES OPEN.  Men – Single Stableford   Limited social play with tee off for 9 holes before 7:30 am or after 3:30 pm

Sunday 14th               Social play all day

 Monday 15 th              Social Play all day

Tuesday 16th                Vets – Single Stableford  – Social play all day

Wednesday 17th           Wed comp – single stableford  – Social play all day

Thursday 18th            Social play all day

Friday 19th                 Social play all day

Saturday 20th           Single  Stableford competition.   Social play between 8 and 9am or after 3:30 pm

Sunday 21st               Social play all day



Sat 6th & Sun 7th – Men’s Open – Croker’s Fuel & Oils sponsors of the Men’s Open

Saturday 13th – Ladies Open

Tuesday 23rd – Vets monthly medal

Sat 27th -  4BBB Championships


N Q EVENTS   September

Sat 13th & Sunday 14th – Townsville Men’s Open


Sunday 7th – Townsville – Willows Ladies Open


Saturday 6th – Ayr – Junior Open



ALl first round qualifying rounds have been played except one which will be played on the 20th June.

THe second round to be played by the 30th of July .

The draw for  2nd round is club championship games are:

A grade
Matt Chapman
Shawn Johansen
 Sean O’Gorman
Adam Medcalf vs Michael Dunn
B Grade:
Brett Martin  vs Colin Dunn
Steve Kelly  vs Ken Lewin
C Grade:
John Coll  vs Alex Carson
Bob Stafford vs Rob Duerlli
D Grade champion of the world :
Mel Taylor vs Bill Davies
Dan Wix vs Warren  Whitfield
If anyone in the draw is unable to play by the dates below, please let me know ASAP.
The renovations are also still moving along. The front of the clubhouse is starting to take shape and is looking really good. The new first tee has also been started. We would like to thank everyone for there patience throughout all the work, at the moment, around the clubhouse and on the course. But it is moving along and will all be worth it in the end.
We  have started some renovations on the club house.  The plan is to move the driving range nets in, and connect it on to posts.  We are going to put a shade sail in the front and put in a new buggy path.  The first tee will also be moved as part of this process.  We are also going to be renovating the undercover area in the next few months.  So things will be a bit out of order in the next few months, so we ask for  your understanding while we get this work done.  It will all look wonderful in the end.  We will keep you posted on the progress as things happen.


The 4 Ball Ambrose NRL challenge was once again won by Rabbitohs.  The team was Jack Saunders, Adam Medcalf, Michael Dunn and Nathan Gardner.  2nd Place was The Storm team of Neil Breuer, Rob Durelli Lindsay Holmes and Steve Lockhard and The Parramatta team of Jason Grech, Nev Dyne, Jarrod Contor and Steve Kelly come in third.   Stuart McMillan won the guess for the number of balls in the bottle which was 53.  The Raffles were won by 1st Prize Jason, 2nd Prize Alan Binks  and third prize Ross.





News on the greens, below. 

Course Update

Friday  12/9/14

Opening Time  7:30 am
Current Competition   No Competition
Course    OPEN
Driving Range    Open
Carts    YES 
Social Play All Day
Closing Time  6:00 pm

Saturday 13/9/14

Opening Time  6:00 am
Current Competition  Ladies Open   – Men – Single stableford
Course    OPEN
Driving Range    OPEN
Carts    Yes
Social Play   Limited
Closing Time   7:00pm

Sunday    14/9/14

Opening Time  6:30 am
Current Competition  No COmpetition
Course    OPEN
Driving Range    OPEN
Carts    Yes
Social Play  All Day
Closing Time   6:00pm




Our vets open is over for another year.  Thanks to all of our sponsors John Bellette Painting, Queensland Abrasives, Mick Greskie, Dan Wix Painting, Brian Spencer and Porters.

We had to change it to a 9 Hole open due to the weather.


Mens Open Winner- Russell Gardner

Ladies Open Winner  – Cheryl Scown ( Pioneer Valley)

A Grade Men – Alan Scells

Runner Up –  David Patch

Nett Winner – Bob Stafford

B Grade  – David Williamson ( Bargara Golf Coul)

Runner Up – Ken Wolfenden

Nett Winner – Mick Jorgensen

C Grade – Warren Whitfield

Runner Up  – Bill Miller ( Howlong Country CLub )

Nett Winner – Fla Giannangleo

Ladies DIv 1 Winner – Wendy Surwhold( Bargara Golf CLub

Runner up – Francis Lacey ( Hervey Bay Golf CLub)

Nett Winner – Gloria Davis ( Nowra Golf Club )

Div 2 Winner – Shirley Rodgers (  Tewantin-Noosa Golf Club)

Runner Up – Beryl Giles  ( Horton Park Golf Club)

Nett Winner – Kristen Davern ( Bargara Gofl Club )


Going to do some catching up, as its been a busy couple of weeks and I haven’t had much time to update.
On the 19th & 20th of July, for the first time, due to the change in the A grade Pennant format this year, Black Springs had two teams …compete in Pennant at Mackay Golf Club. The Div 1 Team of Adam Medcalf, Jason Grech, Matt Chapman, Michael Dunn, Nev Dyne, Shawn Johansen, Neil Breuer, Sean O’Gorman, Drew Newton come in 2nd for the weekend. The team played Townsville, Rowes Bay and Mackay teams.
The number 2 team competed in Div 3. This team of Nathan Gardner, Russell Gardner, Jack Saunders, Chris Dunn, Rodney Allen, Tim Robinson, Greg Wilson, Brett Scells and Harvey Maritz come away winners, bringing home the Pennant. The team played Townsville No 2, Rowes Bay No 2 and Mackay No. 2 teams. Congratulations to all players.
We have also had a couple of memorial days. Jim Wilson’s memorial golf day and the Fatnowna family coming our for a Memorial golf day for Greg. Both very fun days remembering two very wonderful people
Jim Wilson’s Golf Day
Greg Fatnowna golf Day
We said goodbye to Sasha yesterday. Sasha has been here since we started, when we were only building the driving range. She grew up with the kids and all the members here. She had one litter of the most beautiful puppies. The golf course was here back yard. She had a select few members she would follow around the golf course as well as quite a few vehicle tyres she would try to catch, and nearly s…ucceeded a couple of times. We will miss her looking up at golfers, with those begging eyes, when they are eating, waiting for any bit of food, like she had never eaten. I will miss her chasing the buggies every time I got in to move one. A few of the vets will miss her in the carpark waiting for them and the treats they would normally bring her, like the left over of last nights roast or steak. And the Wednesday groups giving her what ever was left over on the platters. We will miss you Sasha.

TRADING HOURS  ( Golf Course & Driving Range )

Monday  7:30 – 4:00                           Friday 7:00 – 7:00

Tuesday   7:00 -  3:00                          Saturday 6:00 – 7:00

Wednesday 7:00 – 7:00                     Sunday – 6:30 – 6:00

Thursday 7:30 – 4:00


As everyone is aware, we have had a major problem with our greens this year.  The greens have been affected by an E.R.I  Fungus.  This root fungus is not normally found north of Coffs Harbour, and once the greens are affected it  is very difficult and expensive to treat.

After a lot of research, we have decided to change the greens to a new variety of grass called Tifeagle.  The current grass on the greens, Bemuda tifgreen 328, has past its use by date and has little resistance to disease when mown under 5mm.

The process to change the greens to Tifeagle :

1.      We are going to build alternate greens on all the holes, using greenslees park.  Number 1 & number 5 are already completed.

2.     Prepare the current greens for planting.  This will be done straight after our open in September.

3.     Ross and Jason will drive down to Caboolture, and collect the stolens on Wednesday the 15th of October and be back on the 16th and the new surface will be planted on that day.

We will be asking for around 15 volenteers here that morning so that we can get the grass spread on all the greens as soon as possible.

We ask for your patience and understanding through the next few months while all of the work takes place.  We have researched this grass, and it is the best way to go in the long term.


This is a step  by step instructions on how to book in for a competition.To the left you will see the One Golf  logo, click on that.Your username is  the last four digits of your golf link number, ( not using the 00)  Eg if your number is 4092200013 your username is 13.Your password is the first four digits of your date of birth. Eg. if your DOB is  9th April your password is 0904.  If that doesn’t work it means   I did not have your date of birth so your username will be 0101. If neither of those work phone the club, I have probably put in  an incorrect DOB.Your will then get a box up to tell you to change your password, so do that using 0101 as your old password.Once you are in the site go  into  “My Details “and  update any details that are incorrect or add, DOB, email address etc.To book into a competition click on   bookings in the red box on top .  You are then at the  events page.  Click on Nov ( 2013) and all the events for Nov will come up.Anything that is open you can book in for.    Click on open, and the timesheet will come up.Click on the box with your preferred time on it.   You will come to the timesheet with your name already on that time.If you don’t want to add any other names just confirm that time and that’s it.  You can then go into another competition if you want and do the same.If you want to add other players to your group, go into the time you require and  go to the search section, in one of the boxes put in the person you want to play with.  Just start typing there name and a list will come up and pick the player from that list.  you can add another  3 players to your group.  Once you have the name, click on the small boxes next to each name then click confirm.  All players are now in that time slot with you.You will notice a small x  under each name.  That allows you to delete the name if you wish.  Any of the other players can also delete there own name only in that group.So get on there give it a try and let me know if you have any problems and I can go through it with you here.

B & C GRADE PENNANTS.The B & C Grade Pennant teams travelled to Home Hill on the weekend to compete in this years pennant, both in Division 3.   The B grade team  is Alex Carson, Jack Drefke, Bob Stafford, Stuart McMillan, Steve Kelly, Ken Muckan,  Jez Chyba.  C Grade Ken Wolfenden, Bill Davies, Michael Hurley, John O’Neil, Snow Harper, Warren Whitfield, Angus Young, with Bob Platt from Proserpine filling in for us.  .  The B division will compeate against  Pioneer Valley, Rowes Bay and Lavarack in Div 3.  C Grade will also competed in Div 3  against  Ayr and Magnetic Island.  Both teams come in 2nd. Well done everyone.

B Grade Pennant Team: Alex Carson,
Jack Drefke, Bob Stafford,Jez Chyba, Ken Muckan,
Steve Kelly, Stuie McMillan
C Grade Pennant team: Ken Wolfenden, John O’Neil,)
 Angus Young, Bill Davies, Warren Whitfield, Michael Hurley,
Snow Harper, Bob Platt ( Proserpine








There is a special on the DRIVING RANGE for members and non members!

Every time you buy a bucket of range balls you pay $1 less each time.
Once you have purchased 10 buckets, you pay HALF PRICE for your buckets of range balls FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE YEAR!

Quick Facts

Dress Code: Closed in shoes. No singlets
Competitions: Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday  ( limited social play available Saturday )
Motorized Carts Yes
Club & Trolley Hire Yes
Length (18 holes) 5778mts
Par 70
Holes 9
Water Hazards Yes
Bunkers Yes
Practice Putting Green Yes
Licensed Clubhouse Yes  ( NO B.Y.O.)
Light Food Yes
Aqua Driving Range Open 7 days from 7am
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